The pandemic is impacting every sector in different ways. Our insight series unpicks the details using the latest data and expert commentary.
Life sciences sector

The post coronavirus commercial landscape provides fresh, new opportunities for UK leaders in digital health to explore rapid growth in China, Japan and Korea.

Transport and logistic sector

In addition to coping with the ongoing impacts of coronavirus, the transport and logistics sector must also prepare for the UK’s emergence from the transition agreement with the European Union on 1 January 2021.

Automotive sector

The Chancellor's summer statement was met with disappointment by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, who pointed out the German Government had proposed a  €5bn package of incentives, and the French Government has unveiled an €8bn plan.

Aerospace sector

While flight numbers are increasing as lockdowns are eased and the summer holiday season begins, major manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing still estimate it will take as long as four or five years for the industry to recover to pre-coronavirus levels.

Retail and wholesale sector

Retailers will continue to play a key role in battling the coronavirus pandemic. Government guidelines are in place for how they can operate safely including rules requiring shoppers to wear face masks. Clearly, it’s vital that we now see a recovery in consumer confidence, but safety remains a priority.

Food & drink sector

Sales of alcoholic beverages have inevitably been impacted by the closure of pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues, as well as travel restrictions. Speed of recovery will depend on how quickly such venues are able to reopen in the coming months.

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