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Starting up

Let’s turn your idea into reality

A new business presents new challenges, and that’s why it’s vital to build a support network that can help nurture your innovative ideas and lay the foundations for long-term success.

We can provide you with access to the knowledge and experience you need to make great decisions that will get your business off to the best possible start.

Resources to help you

We've carefully selected resources to help you with whatever challenges you may be facing right now in your business, so feel free to browse what's on offer below. If there's any content you'd like to see on here, just let us know

Patent Toolkit

Realising the value of patenting your product

Do you have an idea or invention and not quite sure where to start?

How mentoring can help you and your business

MentoringAll Sectors

How mentoring can help you and your business

How mentoring can help you and your business 4th Jan 2021 5 min read Mentoring All Sectors Share this page linkedin twitter email Mentoring is a great way to bring different and new perspectives and insights in...


StrategyAll Sectors

What is an impactful business model?

Every business has stakeholders -- those groups that are affected by or affect the company's operations, and considering the impact you have on these your stakeholders is an important piece in the sustainability puzzle.


Customer satisfaction is good for any organisation, but how can you develop this into a loyal relationship

Good customer relationships are important, but how do we achieve them?

Ready to revive your business?

Ready to revive your business?

In collaboration with Elavon we look at some of the challenges businesses face while operating under COVID and how we can help businesses in South West and South Wales deliver a safer payment experience.


How to maximise opportunity and the steps your organisation can put in place to get further, faster

Spot the opportunities available that will benefit your organisation

Improving your impact

Sustainability & Business – Improving your impact

The Sustainability & Business series aims to take participants from no knowledge of sustainability to an understanding of how these imperatives affect your business today and how you can take steps to manage the impact on key stakeholders.

Finding your external voice

Survive and Revive - Finding your external voice

Join us for the latest of Santander's Survive and Revive webinar series, created to help businesses that are looking for ways to rebuild, reshape or evolve their operations in response to coronavirus.


StrategyAll Sectors

Who has perfected purpose and why is it important?

A clear purpose breeds a healthy company. But how do you establish your purpose, how do you communicate it, and how does it impact the culture of your organisation?


What’s the importance of purpose and culture and how can it improve results?

Define your purpose and reap the rewards of a improved culture that will benefit your organisation