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Building on your success

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The UK’s fastest growing businesses have very similar traits. They are ready for growth, fit for business, invest for tomorrow and accelerate rapidly.

Find out more about our ground-breaking research into the traits that give Britain’s high growth companies an edge on the competition and how our specialist support can help you drive your expansion plans. Become a trailblazer.

Resources to help you

We've carefully selected resources to help you with whatever challenges you may be facing right now in your business, so feel free to browse what's on offer below. If there's any content you'd like to see on here, just let us know

Dijonn Taylor

Founded in 2013, Savvy Guest partner adult education and the business community, encouraging equality and inclusion.

Collette Philip

Founded in 2016, Brand by Me helps organisations build social justice into their brand strategy.

Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua

A storytelling business coach that shows women entrepreneurs how to incorporate their stories into their businesses to make them more visible, profitable and to give back to the community.

Grace Francis

Founded in 2019, DramEd is a creative education company which delivers pre-school clubs and school workshops to advance education and nurture the development of young children through Performing Arts.

Dr Ava Eagle Brown

Founded in 2019, Mango Girl creates products inspired by nature. We carefully hand select all our ingredients to ensure Mango Girl is gentle on your family's hair and skin.

Women of Colour

Building a business is something that everyone should have the opportunity to do. But we know that some communities have more obstacles to overcome than others in achieving their entrepreneurial dream.

Mental Wellbeing

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Supporting your wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak

We know that the current situation is creating feelings of stress and isolation, which can affect the mental health of you, your colleagues and employees.


How to design for diversity

Many products and services only work well for a limited range of people. Design Council explains how considering inclusivity as part of the design process is not only the ethical thing to do, but also makes good business sen...

How to make your business more dementia-friendly

How to make your business more dementia-friendly

Share this page linkedin twitter email Dementia is the UK's biggest killer and is a challenge that all businesses can contribute to fighting. At Santander, we believe that life doesn't end when dementia begins.Be...

Life after lockdown

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Life after lockdown: five things to consider if you run a business

With almost 25 years of experience in risk governance, strategy and exposure in both the retail and commercial environments, Richard Wilkins is Elavon Europe’s Head of Credit. He outlines five things business owners should consider as we face a new landscape.