Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

Founded in 2017 and rebranded in 2020, Just Nevaeh provides quality photography and videography for personal and business use. In addition to the visual product, Just Nevaeh has introduced Brand Nuwe, a dedicated service for supporting businesses and entrepreneurs with their branding needs.

Why I started my business

I’ve always wanted my own business, and I knew I wanted it to involve my passion for people and their stories. I didn’t realise photography and video would be the vehicle for my passion, but they fed into it perfectly. 

About me

I’m the CEO and founder of Just Nevaeh, a Birmingham-based photography and videography company. 

My organisation specialises in ‘life’ photography; focusing on the personal lives of our clients, covering weddings, birthdays and maternity shoots. I’ve recently formed a new product within the business called Brand Nuwe; a dedicated visual branding service for organisations that need visuals to shout about.

My main role model in life and/or business?

I can't say I have one role model. But I love the work by Kubi Springer, I love her passionate work for women to achieve real heights in their careers. 

My biggest achievement in business

Staying in business.

Challenges I’ve faced in business and how I’ve overcome these

Covid has been the biggest challenge this year and it hasn’t finished, so I feel very proud that we are still going at this moment in time.

Advice I’d give to someone currently starting or growing a business

The best advice I would say is to continue to master what you do, keep learning new ways to be the best at what you do, learn customer care skills and find ways to love what you do every day and remember why you started your business.

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