Chloé Elliott

Chloé Elliott

Launched in February 2020, ODYSSEY BOX provides the tools needed to care for naturally curly, and afro hair, as well as empowering, encouraging, and educating on healthy hair care practices. It’s a destination for plant-powered, ingredient-conscious curl care from Black British-owned brands curated to make indulging in your hair care journey your reality.

Why I started my business

I launched ODYSSEY BOX as a bi-monthly subscription service, as I had the passion, curiosity and drive to go further than simply introducing a consumer to a brand. I had a wealth of natural hair care knowledge that I could use to help transform negative feelings towards afro and curly hair.

About me

An odyssey is a long adventure with lots of exciting activities – that is what I believe any hair care journey should be, and it accurately describes my personal journey.

I studied French & German at university, worked in Germany for a year, and was on my way to becoming a translator, when I switched my focus to supporting countless Black British hair care brands, and founding my first business as a Digital Content Creator/Marketer/all-round brand champion.

I connected closely with so many influential business owners and was able to actively support them on their journeys with PR, Marketing, Strategy and Design, as well as highlighting a clear path for where I wanted to take on my own journey. I have a can-do attitude, and plenty of motivation to upskill, take risks and adapt. So, I set the wheels in motion to bring ODYSSEY BOX to life.

My main role model in life and/or business

One of my biggest inspirations in life and business is Kadian Pow, the founder of Bourn Beautiful Naturals and Lecturer of Sociology. She is an ambitious, humble, product-formulating extraordinaire.

My biggest achievement in business

My biggest achievement is the commitment I’ve shown to my businesses from the start. This commitment has meant winning the Leeds Enterprise Scholarship, as well as Santander Women Business Leaders’ Mentoring Programme Most Committed Mentee of the Year 2020.

Challenges I’ve faced in business and how I’ve overcome these

As a young person in business, I’m often underestimated, or worse – undervalued. Age and capability are thought to go hand in hand – the younger you are, the more inexperienced you are. I take pride in setting my sights on bigger goals and disproving this theory time and again.

Advice I’d give to someone currently starting or growing a business

My advice is anyone is always: start now, and don’t let perfectionism get the better of you! Ultimately, you regret the things you don’t do in life, more than the things you do. So, don’t delay your plans out of fear of regret.

Also, anything worth doing is worth doing badly. No one starts as an expert, so give yourself the chance to learn as you go. If that means starting six months sooner than you had planned, that’s an extra six months of experience you can gain, an extra 6 months of time to learn, grow and improve.

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