How to build a successful outreach programme

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Driving diversity into your talent pool is key. By engaging with those from a low socio-economic background, you can not only improve your business results, but you can also have a transformative impact on individuals and communities.

How to build a successful outreach programme

Santander joined the Social Mobility commission to hold the first in a series of Deep Dives for employers to explore how you can reach, attract and foster a diverse pool of talent.

The session was designed to explore how you reach that talent - attracting individuals from less advantaged backgrounds who may not traditionally apply for roles within your organisation, yet may be able to make a significant contribution in future. Breaking down socio-economic barriers is not only a just cause, it’s also smart business.

This 40-min playback contains a short presentation by the Social Mobility Commission followed by an in-depth case-study from Santander.

In the workshop that formed part of the session, the participants from a variety of sized-businesses, across multiple industries, explored ideas, shared insights and tackled some of the challenges in building an effective outreach programme – creating this checklist that you can download to help you refine your ideas and develop a ‘best-practice’ outreach programme. 

Masterclass: Outreach

For more information on the Social Mobility Commission, visit

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