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Be the Business was established to bring together companies large and small and make the UK home to the most ambitious firms in the world.

Whether it’s finding new ways to incentivise and engage with your staff, taking a look at your own leadership and management style or investing in the kind of tools and technology that will help prepare your business for a new way of operating, there is no better way to tackle these kinds of challenges than by collaborating with others who are doing it at the same time. Be the Business currently run two mentoring programmes (available to businesses based in England) that might be right for your business – Mentoring for Growth and Rapid Response Mentoring. Santander is proud to support these programmes.

Mentoring for Growth

Mentoring for Growth is designed to guide SMEs through growth and often significant change. Over the course of the 12-month programme, you’ll be paired with an experienced mentor from one of the Be the Business partners, giving you invaluable access to expertise and a much needed independent sounding board. 

Rapid Response Mentoring

As businesses in England strive to adapt, rebuild and grow, find out how the 12-week Be the Business Rapid Response Mentoring programme can play an integral part in supporting leaders of SMEs. Choose an experienced mentor to provide guidance and a sounding board you need to deal with immediate business challenges through weekly phone calls and online meetings. 

Please note, both programmes are available to businesses based in England, for wider UK mentoring support please see our other Mentoring Schemes.

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