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Tips for running a successful business in the current economic climate

How the nation’s high-streets are coping with – and overcoming – record energy prices, staff shortages and reduced customer spending.

What your business credit score means and how to improve it

When starting or running your own business, there's plenty to learn. Regardless of how qualified you are in a particular specialism, launching a business requires its own set of skills and knowledge.

Tap into emerging talent and transform your business

We've teamed up with Unibeez, a skills-based talent platform, to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to find the right people.

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Navigating your export journey

Our research tells us that, despite a renewed sense of optimism as trading performance begins to improve, businesses still see international growth as a real challenge.


Finance and business structure for international trade

Trading with international partners for the first time -- or extending such trade -- is a financial investment.


Getting goods to market

Clinching the deal in an overseas market is the first key step, then you can start to work out the practicalities of delivery.


The costs of international trade

Whether your business is selling goods and services in foreign markets or importing products for use in your domestic operations, there will be a number of additional costs incurred.


Accessing a new market

9 min read Share this page linkedin twitter email Navigating your export journey with Santander The question of how you intend to supply your products or services to a new market is fundamental. Possible routes to m...


Identifying growth opportunities

Once your business and key staff are primed to get started with international trade, it's time to identify where your greatest growth opportunities lie.

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Building the right trading foundations

High-quality preparation is the key to trading successfully in international markets, whether your business is contemplating trading overseas for the first time or planning expansion into new territories.


Building trusted connections to drive international trade

International trade has never been so important to the prospects of businesses in the UK.

26th Aug 2022

Keep cashflow positive and protected with the Small Business Commissioner

Find out how the Office of the Small Business Commissioner can help businesses with late payment.