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Started trading in 2018

Statement Jewellery...but not as you know it. Recognised brings together amazing causes with beautiful products to raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity around some of the biggest issues we face today. Recognised Statement Popons® each represent an important cause with 100% of profits donated to Recognised's inspiring transformational partner charities to help increase their impact.

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Anneka's interview

About the company

Entrepreneur behind the company: Anneka Wallington


Core purpose: Raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity, so that everyone can feel recognised.

Number of employees: Five

Anneka’s top tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur

  • Know your why. Knowing why you exist helps you keep going on the really hard days. It pushes you forwards and helps bring clarity in decision making and setting strategy. It also grounds you and helps bring things into perspective. When things are really tough and you want to quit (because this will happen!)... being able to remember why you started and why you exist is the single most important thing. It will get you back up.
  • Not everyone is going to ‘get it’ and that’s ok. Don’t let it deter you or doubt your vision. Find the people who do get it and move on from the people who don't although do listen to constructive criticism.
  • Get accountable. Bring people around you who will mentor you and keep you accountable. A huge part of Recognised's success so far has come from having a mentor who has given me space to air my fears, encouraged and challenged, and provided structure in areas where I've needed it most.'
  • ‘To do the things no one else is doing, you’ve got to stop doing the things everyone else is doing’ Craig Groeschel. Being a successful entrepreneur requires sacrifice and learning to say no to things. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given is to map out my time management. It’s a discipline and I'm still learning but it’s necessary and worth it.
  • Look after yourself. I’ve struggled more with my mental health in setting up and growing a business than ever before. Running your own business demands so much of you and can take its toll. You also don’t have the luxury of a wide team who can share your responsibilities. So, in reality, self-care is easier said than done! Nonetheless, I’m trying to put this into practice and treat it as a priority. One way I do this is by spending time with a community of entrepreneurs who uniquely understand the pressures and challenges I face. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, so having other people who can relate and who you can bounce ideas off is amazing and really helps!

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