Top tips from Pick Protection

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Pick Protection

Started trading in 2014

Pick Protection is a lone worker and employee protection company. Using leading technology the company enables companies to mitigate the risks to their lone working and at-risk employees

About the company

Entrepreneur behind the company: Rebecca Pick


Core purpose: Our purpose is to keep employees safe. We want to provide the best protection solutions through innovative technology and provide people with peace of mind.

Number of employees: Eight

Rebecca's top tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur

  • Never turn down a chance to network with new people – you never know what it could lead to!
  • Don’t spend a fortune on marketing/branding/websites until you’ve really nailed the product/market fit. Chances are as you get more feedback from the market so a lot will change with your brand and products.
  • Be really focused on exactly who is your target customer. Once you’ve been successful with this then you can branch out, but you need to start somewhere and the more specific your target customer, the better you can design your product/offering around them and market to them.
  • Don’t rush to bring new people into your team. Work with them first on a fixed term basis so there’s a natural end point if it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out.
  • Celebrate the wins. There are plenty of ups and downs so it’s important to enjoy it when something good happens!