How to create a compelling value proposition

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A step-by-step guide to creating your own value proposition describing the value your business is bringing to others.

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A value proposition is a simple statement that explains the value you bring to others. It has a simple structure:

For ... (Someone) ... We are ... (Role) ... That ... (Claim) ... Which ... (Benefit)



Describe your target audience in a clear, simple and engaging way. Your target audience should be someone for which your products and services are both urgent and important.



Describe the role you play in the lives of your customers in a figurative way. Try to break free from the norm and lean towards the more lyrical. This will bring it to life and differentiate you from your competition. Do this in two ways… 

  1. Ask your customers about how they would describe you, or 
  2. Ignore the language your competition is using.



Describe what you do in a neutral way with a clear claim added to it. Pair your product or service with a claim that can be independently experienced by your customers. 



Describe the beneficial result – this can be the upside or return for your customers. Being able to provide something that solves the challenges or problems for your customer is not enough. You need a promise that makes you stand out. 

There are four types of promises: 

  1. bigger.
  2. better.
  3. fewer.
  4. faster.

Think of each of the key elements in your value proposition as a button on your ‘commercial amplifier’: allowing you to fine-tune how you are seen by customers, partners, employees and the wider world at large. 

An example for a recruitment consultancy:

For established companies that need a dramatic pivot in their business model, we are a talent, that deliver results in less than 48 hours, which results in a dramatically faster recruitment process for client and candidate.

For more information watch the recording of our Creating a compelling value proposition webinar hosted by Economics and business consultant FJ Rutjes. 

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