Top tips from Green Sisters Ltd

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Green Sisters Ltd

Started trading in 2016

Green Sisters is a manufacturer of vegan and free-from food products which celebrates culture and flavour despite allergies. Its range of products include samosas, bhajis and chutneys and offer choice, nutrition and peace of mind.

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Green Sisters Ltd

About the company

Entrepreneurs behind the company: Geeta & Reena Salhan

Year business started: 2016


Core purpose: To bring flavour to the palate and excitement into the daily lives of our consumers, particularly those whose diets are restricted.

Number of employees: Currently seven, along with a number who come on board based on business needs. In addition, friends and family pitch in to help out.

Geeta & Reena’s top tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur

  • Be confident, mindful and have a growth mindset. Believe in yourself and know that you can.
  • Remember your purpose and why you started the journey. When things get tough, remind yourself of why you are doing it.
  • Do something that you are passionate about and that leaves an impact.
  • Look after yourself during the process as it’s easy to forget to do things that keep your glass half full when you’re extremely busy ‘making it happen’. There will be times when you are challenged and if you continue to look after yourself, you’ll make sure that you get through.
  • Enjoy it and be happy!

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