Fraud awareness for SMEs

We worked with the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) to host a series of webinars for UK businesses to help you understand how to protect your business against fraud.


Keeping you and your business safe is our top priority. To help raise awareness of the preventative measures we can all take against fraud and to understand how a fraud attack is successfully undertaken, we worked with the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU) to host a series of webinars for UK businesses

In the webinars, which are available on-demand, we looked at:

  • how fraudsters use psychology to successfully carry out fraud attacks;
  • how everyone in a business is vulnerable, from the accountant and secretary to the Managing Director or CEO; and
  • how fraudsters take advantage of technology and the pressures of everyday life to catch individuals off guard.

In webinar 1 you’ll learn how fraud impacts everyone across the banking industry and where we’re seeing an increase in complex and sophisticated fraud and scams.

In webinar 2 we explore social engineering and impersonation fraud in detail. This highlights how we’re all vulnerable to fraud as anyone can be manipulated. You’ll also be introduced to the acronym CAUSE, which stands for 5 key principles to help identify fraud – Context, Authority, Urgency, Scarcity, Emotion.

In webinar 3 we discuss the risks we all now face in the digital era. With the increasing use of contactless payments, online banking, and financial technology, fraudsters are exploiting the reduced human contact and ease of access when it comes to making payments or transactions. We may be less wary about how we manage our money and data online compared to in person. It’s about understanding the key signs to look out for and remembering to Take Five before acting, even if it is something we do on a regular basis.

In the final webinar we look at what our customers and businesses can do to help reduce the risk of a fraud attack against themselves or their business.

The webinars are all available on-demand and can be shared with your wider teams.

The DCPCU is a joint Metropolitan and City of London Police team funded by the banking industry with the sole purpose of combatting crimes associated with banking and payments.

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