Top tips from Cosi Care

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Cosi Care

Started trading in September 2018

Itch relief for children with skin disease. Cosi Care is the first company to create technology to treat eczema. A hand-held product for children that cools and soothes itching in seconds.

Lauren’s top tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur

  • Follow your gut feeling, it’s so important you're comfortable and happy with the situation you are in.
  • Be confident in your ability and be as decisive as you can. You won’t always be right but it’s good to be decisive as it gets things moving.
  • Stop apologising. I believe women especially apologise too much for being driven, passionate and a leader. It’s okay to be confident in yourself and you shouldn’t feel like you should be sorry for being brave and confident.
  • Yes is a magic word. I think if you say yes to as many events, opportunities, and offerings you will make connections that you may not have made if you just declined. Build your network early and get out there. Positive people attract positive outcomes. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who’s negative, puts themselves or others down, or highlights bad points in their own business. It’s not a good look!
  • It’s important to fully understand the space you are starting a business in. I have tried to learn as much about the area I am in as possible. Eczema, skin disease and all topics surrounding my business is something I have tried to immerse myself in.

Watch our interview with Lauren

Lauren's video

About the company

Entrepreneur behind the company: Lauren Bell


Core purpose: Help families manage skin disease by focusing on a child’s daily routine and wellbeing when living with conditions like eczema.

Number of employees: One full-time employee – myself! Investment includes a team of people working on Cosi Care along with support from ten others.

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