Chip[s] Board

Chip[s] Board

Leyton, London | Started trading in 2017

Utilises resources from waste management currently available to create new products and materials.

About the company


Twitter: @Chips_Board

Instagram: chips_board

Interesting facts: The entire business model is based on the circular economy to reduce waste and carbon footprint - so keen to focus on the UK market and encourage national and regional manufacturing, rather than importing materials from abroad or outsourcing manufacturing and production overseas. 

Number of employees: 5

Year business started: 2017

Number of years as a Santander customer: about 1.5 years

Lightbulb moment

  • The idea came to Rob and Rowan when at University in design school and realised such a large volume of material is wasted.

Why a patent?

  • It was recommended to them by the business mentors during their participation in a six-month accelerator programme, run by Plus X, a central research lab, and Brunel University
  • Patenting, Rob and Rowan say, provides reassurance to potential investors that they are confident enough in the business to have invested time and money in it.

Advice for people or businesses looking to file a patent?

  • Find out which support programmes are out there – Chip[s] Board joined an accelerator programme for six months which gave them access to a business mentor, advice and training.
  • Apply for grants and competitions as these can help provide essential funding (e.g. Santander Entrepreneurship Awards).
  • Ask around for recommendations as need to understand which patent lawyer you should use based on their expertise.
  • Once a patent is filed it becomes public so consider if there is any part of the product or process which a business could hold back and keep secret (using trade secrets and NDAs to protect it) to mitigate the risk of another business being able to find out the entire process.


  • Rob and Rowan started the business in 2017 and filed the patent in October 2018. They expect it to be granted in 2020.

Issues securing a patent?

  • They haven’t come across any issues so far, thanks to having worked with patent lawyers who are managing the process.

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