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Posted by • Marcus Austin
18 June 2013

Many businesses don’t realise that staff training is no longer the time-consuming expense it once was. Discover the benefits of boot camp, the virtues of virtual training and the merits of a MOOC

Posted by • John Williams
31 January 2013

The founding principle of the Breakthrough programme will remain unchanged in 2013. Santander launched Breakthrough with the aim of providing both finance and more general support to fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises. These businesses perform a vital role within the UK economy: they create jobs, they innovate, and some will grow to become world-leading brands.

Posted by • Trevor Clawson
20 December 2012

Some suppliers will be strategic partners – essential to the operation of the business – whilst others will be providers of commoditised products, such as printer ink or paperclips. In all cases, it’s important to consider whether there is scope to reduce your outgoings by taking a proactive approach to supplier management.

Posted by • Dan Matthews
11 December 2012

In principle, accountants are a force for good. It’s a fact that businesses with good financial assistance and advice tend to be more successful than those without. Accountants can help you focus on the core needs of your business, keep your tax affairs in place, and advise on important business decisions which involve financial investments upfront or over time.

When should you hire an accountant?

Posted by • Trevor Clawson
13 November 2012

Let’s compare two businesses. Company A is at the beginning of the growth journey. It’s one or two years old, it generates revenue and employs about ten people. In the not-too-distant future it will be looking for investment or additional bank finance to underpin its growth plans. Company B is bigger: it has forty or fifty people on the payroll and is successfully selling products at home and overseas. So, what is it that really differentiates company A from company B?

Posted by • Liz Loxton
16 October 2012

Many start-ups overlook – or even purposely avoid – the task of compiling a dress code. However, as those businesses grow, the chances are a dress code will nevertheless emerge, even if it remains an unwritten and tacit agreement.

Posted by • Liz Loxton
15 October 2012

Activity in the UK social enterprise sector presents a vibrant and positive outlook. There are 62,000 social enterprises in the UK providing 800,000 jobs. And they’re growing in number and size, says Sheralee Morris, senior manager for Corporate Social Responsibility at Santander. “This is a high-growth, dynamic part of the UK economy with great potential. Some 58% of UK social enterprises have grown during this recession,” she says.

Posted by • Dan Matthews
02 August 2012

With the Olympics – and associated travel issues – in full swing, it’s won’t be easy for everyone to get into the office. And what about those other occasions when train cancellations or sick children make it impossible to get to work? With just a few key tech tools in place, you can be ready to work from any location at the drop of a hat.

Posted by • Phil Dibbs
31 July 2012

Imagine that over half of your turnover came from one client. You would treat that client with respect and ensure that your customer service and stakeholder management was of the highest possible standard. You would ensure that it featured prominently in your business plans and that the relationship was nurtured. However, incredible as it may seem, some businesses become complacent once a major client has been secured and the invoices are flowing through regularly.

Posted by • Trade Mission D...
20 July 2012

In May this year, an all-female group of the UK’s most dynamic entrepreneurs embarked on a trade mission to the US. Organised by Santander’s Breakthrough programme, the trip took in New York and Boston on the east coast of the country and offered delegates the opportunity to learn about the economy, tax treatment and legal implications of doing business in North America. Perhaps more importantly, the week-long event gave delegates the opportunity to meet potential suppliers, business partners and customers, as well as build new sales leads and channels for the future.